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Literotica Story Index & Category List is Now Mobile Friendly
December 6, 2023

We’ve finally taken the mobile friendly Literotica Story Index (with the full Category List and site navigation) out of BETA and made the New Literotica Design the default design.

The Story Index is one of the most visited pages on Literotica, and it’s the page that most readers use to find Story Categories, so making this page more friendly on mobile devices (which most Literotica readers use) is a big step.

In addition to its mobile friendliness, the new Literotica Story Index design supports Dark Mode and Light Mode, has a header to make navigation easier, and a language switcher in the footer. We’ve also removed several no longer active features that were still listed on the Classic Literotica Story Index.

For people who prefer the Classic Design, there is still an option to go back to the Classic Story Index (however, we highly recommend using the new version).

Now that the redesigned Story Index is officially released, we’re working on the New Story Page, the Category Hubs, the Front Page, and the Top Lists. Expect to see more announcements on the mobile friendly versions of those Literotica pages coming soon.

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with the new design, or if you have any suggestions for improving the Story Index or any other part of Literotica.

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Literotica 25 Year Anniversary Celebration & Story Contest
November 28, 2023
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Happy 25th Birthday to Literotica and to everyone who’s ever published a Literotica story, read a Literotica story, or visited Literotica.

It’s difficult to believe that we’ve been doing this for a quarter century, but the domain was registered in November of 1998 (and we’d been working on the project for some time before that).

When we started Literotica, it was an HTML website, with every page hand edited in Dreamweaver or a text editor. The the new millennium was in the future, Google, Ebay, and Amazon were upstarts and the founders of post-2000 websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were probably still in high school, if that old.

We wrote about the History of Literotica in our FAQ. We also made a post thanking all of you for 25 wonderful years on the main Literotica website. A number of Literotica Authors took the time to write stories celebrating the site’s 25th Anniversary as part of the Literotica 25th Anniversary Story Challenge.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been part of Literotica during the first 25 years and let’s continue to have fun together for the next 25!

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Adult Interactive “Story Games” in BETA on Literotica
May 17, 2023
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We’re very excited to announce the coming launch of our newest interactive narrative storytelling format – “Story Games”.

The History of Literotica Interactive Fiction

Literotica first started publishing interactive fiction in the 1990s – one of the first adult sites to do so.

Every adult interactive story back in the 1990s was submitted by an author, then hand-coded into an HTML choice story by Laurel and Manu. Each paragraph of those early interactive stories was made into a single HTML page, with HTML links to other HTML pages, and so on. Readers clicked HTML links to choose their own path through the story.

Around the year 2000, we collaborated with a developer to move Literotica Interactive Stories to a custom PHP script that made both creating and reading interactive fiction easier. While the new technology was a great improvement over our previous system, it also introduced its own set of issues that we weren’t fully able to solve.

Until now.

The Future is Literotica Interactive Story Games

Literotica is currently BETA testing, and preparing to publicly launch, the technology that will power our next generation “Story Games” format.

Our next generation tech will allow authors to publish simple interactive “choose your path” type adventure games, the same type Literotica has been publishing for the last 25 years.

The exciting part of this announcement is that the new technology will also allow Literotica authors to create fully featured text games.

Literotica is a storytelling community, and gaming has become of the important storytelling formats of our times. Though Literotica is best known for publishing text stories, our authors were pioneers of early online erotic audio stories, interactive fiction, comics, and even experimented with video storytelling. We believe that the technology behind our new “Story Games” format will empower Literotica authors to create full featured narrative games.

Some of the things that are possible in this new storytelling format include:

  • State Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Player Statistics
  • Non Player Characters
  • Random Logic
  • User Text Input
  • Dialog Trees
  • Programmatic Function
  • and much more.

The technology behind the new Literotica Story Games is a modified version of an open source project with a strong community behind it that has been used in numerous commercial and independent games over the last several years. There is extensive documentation published in both text and video format to help authors, and the technology is regularly being updated by the developers, promising an even more exciting future.

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can get started creating (or playing) Literotica Interactive Story Games, please see our growing Literotica Story Games FAQ, or check our Interactive Adult Story Game Authors thread in the Literotica Forum.

We’re excited about the future of this new format, and looking forward to your feedback to make it even better.

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LitTV – Erotic Audio Stories in Video Format
January 7, 2017

As most of you already know, we’re in the middle of a huge update to the Literotica website. is due for a refresh, and we’ve spent the last few years reworking everything – from the hardware that runs the site to the underlying software to the new user interface (now in public testing).

In addition to refreshing Literotica, we’ve been working on several other related projects based on feedback and suggestions from the Literotica community. Some of these projects have been in public/live testing phase for years (anyone remember – first launched in 2000 and is still in BETA?), and some will be released in the coming months and years. One of the sites that has been live for some time, but which we will start putting more effort into this year is LitTV.

LitTV has a simple primary goal – to bring sexy audio stories on video to the Literotica community. The second – just as important – goal is to make sure that we don’t take anything away from Literotica’s writing or audio community with the addition of video. That is why LitTV is a totally independent website rather than a direct part of

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Lit Control Panel 2.0 is Here – Please Let Us Know What You Think
November 17, 2016

After several years of development, and many months of author BETA testing, we have opened the new Lit Control Panel to all registered members.

If you’re a registered Literotica user, just login to the site and point your browser to this link:

The new Lit Control Panel includes all of the features of the old control panel along with several new ones. The most notable changes are:

1. Improved activity feed.

2. Favorite authors are now Followed authors. Easily see the latest works from all of the authors you follow.

3. New Lit navigation header.

4. Favorites has become Lists. Create your own custom Lists to save stories or use the two default lists – Favorites and Read Later.

5. Mobile friendly everything.

We plan to go over some of these features here on the Lit Blog in more detail later. For now, please give the new Lit Control Panel a try and send us your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you everyone!

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Literotica on Social Media – To Follow or Not To Follow?
August 29, 2016
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If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a pretty good chance that you visit the site on a regular basis. We appreciate that very much!

You probably already know about the Literotica News, which we update on the front of the website every day. You may also check our posts in the “Announcements” area of the Literotica Forum. In addition to that, we are currently working on a new system that will allow us to push important news out to all registered users via your new Literotica Control Panel.

But what if you want even more Literotica news and updates? What if you miss us even when you’re not actually visiting We’ve got you covered there too!

Please consider following Literotica on these popular social networks:

Twitter Literotica

Literotica on Twitter? Yes, for years! We like Twitter a lot. They don’t censor us, they don’t allow us to be long winded (like this blog post), they gave us the username “Literotica” just because we asked, and they make it oh so easy to keep track of what kind of trouble Justin Bieber has gotten himself into this week. Just joking about that last one, but really, Twitter is our favorite social network these days. If you’re a Literotica author with a Twitter account, please let us know as we’d love to follow you and retweet news about your new stories, etc.

Facebook Literotica Page

Did I mention that we love Twitter? What can I say about Facebook? Even though Literotica has an official Facebook page, they blocked us from linking to the domain. Why? Because it apparently contains some “adult content” (their words, not ours). When they aren’t blocking us, they are using some kind of algorithm to make sure that our followers don’t see any of our updates. We aren’t discouraging you from following Lit on Facebook, but Twitter is probably better.

Tumblr Literotica

Twitter is great, Facebook isn’t. What else is there? Tumblr is one of the few popular social networks that doesn’t censor adult content, so we decided to give it a shot. We just started the official Literotica Tumblr blog in the summer of 2016, so we’re not sure how it will work out yet. Tumblr is part of the Yahoo network of sites, which are in the process of being sold off. Hopefully the original owner can buy the site back and restore its glory. If not, we might all have to go back to MySpace!

For now, those are the three social networks where Literotica exists. If you have Twitter or Tumblr, please follow us. Ping us if you’re a published Literotica author and we’ll keep an eye on your feed for rebloggable stuff.

If there are any other social networks where you think Literotica should be active, feel free to let us know as well. We don’t Snapchat, Instagram, or WeChat yet, but we could try if you really wanted us too. Some networks are notoriously anti-adult (Pinterest), but we’ve been banned from better for less, so we’ll try anything if enough Literoticans want it.

Thanks everyone and see you on Twitter!

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The Official Literotica Blog is Back
July 22, 2016

Welcome to the new Literotica Blog!

Those of you that have been around Literotica for a few years will remember that we published a blog from 2001 (Movable Type anyone?) to 2009. There was also a monthly Literotica email newsletter way back when people used email instead of messenger apps.

Since then, we’ve done most of our communication via the the Literotica Forums or the news section on the front page of As we get ready to roll out some very big changes to the way that Literotica looks and works, we thought it would be a great time to bring back the official blog.

I’m excited to share more information on the work we’ve been doing to improve Literotica with all of you. I’ve posted some details on the Lit Forum over the last year, but I’d like to go into more detail here. Every part of the site update has been motivated by feedback from authors and readers, so I want to spend some time explaining exactly why we did what. I’ll try not to bore you too much!

In addition to discussing the website updates, we’ll be using this blog to share information about Literotica Story Contests and other ongoing Lit News. We also plan to eventually get back into interviewing Literotica authors (as we used to do in the Literotica Newsletter) and featuring interesting Lit members here as well. If you have any suggestions for Lit authors/members you’d like to know more about, please feel free to let us know!

We are also open to guest posts. If you’re a Lit member and you have an idea that you think might be of interest to the entire Literotica community, feel free to contact us with a proposal.

Finally, we will likely be sharing stuff that is of interest to Lit members – self publishing news, free speech issues, books and software that may be useful to Literotica authors, etc.

For now, please check for new updates. In the near future, we’re planning to send notification to all registered members whenever this blog is updated. Notifications are part of the new Literotica Control Panel which I’ll be writing about very soon.

Thanks for reading everyone and talk to you more soon!

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New Literotica Toplists Format in BETA
May 28, 2009
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Two days and two major updates to Literotica! Yesterday, we rolled out the Series feature. Today, it’s a major revamp of the Literotica Toplists.

So, what’s new with the new Toplists? Let’s have a look:

Literotica Most Read Stories

Literotica Top Rated Stories

Top Rated Group Sex Stories

The most obvious change is that you can now view the stories on the Literotica Toplists by the date that they were submitted. We get requests for this feature all of the time, and we’re happy to finally be rolling out a first version of it. There will be more improvements in the future, but for now you can see the top stories submitted in the last month, year, or all time.

Another change is that we have added some story previews on the right side of the toplists. These are just small snippets of stories that show up randomly on the right side of the page in the boxes called “Related Story Preview”. Most readers are using wider browsers these days and this will hopefully give stories on the toplist a little extra exposure to those readers. For readers, it will hopefully give you a way to discover interesting stories that you might not have otherwise clicked on.

Behind the scenes, there are some more changes to the toplists as well, but more on that later. 🙂

So, please have a look at the links above and let us know what you think – either here on this blog or on the ongoing thread on the topic in the Literotica Forum.

Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone, and stay tuned for more Literotica updates very soon!

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Literotica Series Feature BETA Launch
May 27, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but don’t worry – I’m still alive! Not only still alive, but I’ve actually been busy working on Literotica.

I’m happy to announce that part of that work is coming to fruition with the launch of a new feature called Literotica Series. Here it is live on the site:

Literotica Series

Literotica Series Horror Category

Literotica Series Author Submissions

The idea behind the feature is to allow readers to find longer multi-part stories that they are interested in, and to give authors more control over multi-part stories that they’ve written.

This BETA rollout is just the beginning. Eventually, authors will have full control over their Series, and we will roll out more related features like comments and voting on Series, Series contests, etc. This is the first step in a long term vision to give multi-part stories a bigger place on Literotica.

If you have suggestions for the feature, please feel free to leave a comment here or post them on the Series feature announcement post on the Literotica forum.

Thanks for all of the ongoing comments and suggestions and more updates soon! 🙂

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More Literotica iPhone Improvements
August 22, 2008
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A few new updates on the Literotica iPhone Site:

1. The member search feature is now live.

2. The categories are now displayed on the New Stories page, as requested by everyone. 🙂

We’ve also got some more improvements coming to the main Literotica site. Everything seems to take way longer than we thought it would (as it has been since Literotica started), but we are making good progress on a lot of new features and design upgrades.

Enjoy your summer and check back soon!